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Weight Loss,
Metabolic Health 

Diet is a multimillion-dollar business in the USA.  Vowing to lose weight is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions where approximately 45 million Americans attempt to diet each year.

There are many different diets (keto, low fat, carnivore, etc.) out there, but there is still no proof that one is better than the other in weight loss.


My mission is to find a plan that my client can maintain.

Having a calorie deficit is a must but I would emphasize consistency rather than an extreme approach. An individually- tailored program that includes the right exercise volume, frequency, intensity, and duration with appropriate nutrition is what will make one successful. The bottom line is one’s daily expenditure must be greater than what one consumes.

Instead of countless hours of cardio to lose weight, I have seen the most results with a variety of resistance training with shorter breaks (some type of circuit workout). Cardio has its own undeniable benefits for our cardiovascular and respiratory system, but it's not an ideal strategy for weight loss alone.

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