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If your child demonstrates the desire and aptitude to play any sport at a potentially high level, I highly recommend hiring Peter immediately as part of your team. Peter has deep and invaluable experience in working with high performance athletes. He understands how to work with anyone, especially kids, to develop customized training in order to maximize results in their particular sport. His depth of knowledge about sophisticated strength training and fitness applied to any sport, as well as other key areas such as nutrition, stretching, recovery, injury prevention, and the mental game is tremendous!


My son aspires to play tennis at a high level. Peter has developed a customized program to improve his strength, fitness, mobility, footwork, quickness and agility particularly as it relates to tennis. Peter has demonstrated strong technical knowledge of the game of tennis and what is required to play it a very high level. My son has already seen tremendous results in only a couple of months of dedicated training. Peter is also an excellent communicator and is very adaptable and flexible with his program, which is extremely helpful given the demands of a busy and constantly changing schedule.


While Peter delivers measurable and tangible results, he also truly cares about my son and has provided important mentorship and a positive voice in what can be a stressful and competitive environment. An ancillary benefit of working with Peter has been that my son has developed better communication and time management skills, not to mention a much higher level of personal responsibility and accountability. He trusts that Peter has his best interests in mind at all times and is highly motivated to work hard every time they train. He trusts the process. Regardless of outcome in his specific sport, I know that Peter is teaching my son a variety of essential life skills which are foundational to future success in whatever occupation he chooses. As a parent, this is truly awesome to witness.


In short, based on my son’s experience, I would enthusiastically recommend and encourage hiring Peter if you desire achieving immediate and next level results when it comes to strength and fitness training, but also if you want to witness positive personal growth and maturation in your child. I only wish I had hired Peter on a dedicated basis much earlier than I did! He’s a great person! 

November 2022

Darrin Kennedy

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