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I have known Peter for 8 years now and he is one of the most caring people I know. Having him as my fitness coach has made me become the person I am today. He has helped me get stronger both physically and mentally.


Peter is a determined fitness coach who genuinely wants the best success for his clients! He has always motivated me to become a better person. When I was recovering from my elbow and shoulder injury, he was the only person who cared and fully understood what I was going through. He always lifted me up when I was feeling down.


Peter would always think of solutions and ways for me to feel better both mentally and physically. His rehab workouts for my elbow and shoulder were phenomenal. I will always remember how much he cared for me when I was going through a tough time with my injuries. Not only did Peter help me achieve my fitness goals, but he also helped me create a positive and healthy lifestyle.


I really appreciate everything he has done for me throughout these years!

Patria, 21

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