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Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

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Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, I was involved in sports like karate, skiing, soccer, basketball, boxing, volleyball, swimming, and more from a very young age.

I attended a military boarding school from the age of 14 where my coaches noticed that I had a talent for sprinting.  I became a 400-meter sprinter with internationally recognized times and won many championships.

Upon graduation from the National Defense University in Budapest (equivalent to West Point in the USA), instead of pursuing a career as an electrical engineer, I delved into the world of Fitness.

As a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, certified by the NSCA (which is considered the “Gold Standard” in the USA), I design and deliver training programs, both in person and online, to transform my client’s body and mind.


I moved to the USA in 2011 and since then have been working with countless high-end clients – CEO’s, celebrities and professional athletes, and mostly tennis players.


My passion is to help people create harmony in their life through my knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and mind-body techniques. The workouts will be at the gym or outdoors depending on the needs, goals, and lifestyles of my clients.


There are many different styles and modalities, but I do not believe in a one style fits all approach. Humans are all different and each individual requires a unique and personal approach with the foundational principles (laws) of physiology and training. I am a science-based professional who continuously thrives to learn, attends educational seminars, and stays open-minded to avoid confirmation bias.


Communication is KEY especially with young athletes and individuals who are new to training.

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Peter is a very adaptive coach. I was once a competitive tennis player and we were working on functional training and speed. However I have quit tennis and Peter adapted to a more hypertrophy based training. He can do functional, bodybuilding, strength and any type of training.


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