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Peter’s coaching has been a major factor in all of my success, both as an athlete and a person. His knowledge on all aspects of physical fitness - from nutrition to sprinting mechanics - and how they apply to tennis has greatly improved my abilities on court. I’m faster, stronger, and have more endurance because of my work with Peter.

This alone is noticeable enough, but the value of the resulting confidence I feel from my physicality is impossible to put into words.

Since I first met Peter, it’s been clear that he cares about my goals and me as an individual. When I was living in Spain, Peter would check in with my training and ask about my progress. Even during my recovery from injuries (both small and large), Peter’s advice is crucial to my rehab because I always know that he had my best interest at heart. Most importantly, though, Peter has been someone who can trust. As I continue to develop, I am positive that his training and guidance has me prepared for any situation I encounter.


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