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I’ve known Peter for more than 5 years and he’s one of the best trainers I’ve met. Peter is very knowledgeable about fitness, strength and conditioning but also recovery and how to keep your body healthy.


His previous background as an Olympic Runner is hard to find and he is able to provide very helpful insight. Not only has Peter helped me from a trainer standpoint but he's become a good friend.


Peter is not only a great trainer but a great person. Peter has gone out of his way to help me with injuries on his own time. There's been countless times he’s given my advice on how to deal with different types of injuries. Especially with a back injury I had. He was a great support during a difficult time.


I enjoy every minute when I’m working Peter even when I’m gassed and can’t breathe he still makes it enjoyable. Peter goes above and beyond with his clients and I know 100% that whoever decides to work with him will improve their strength, agility, flexibility, mobility, speed and conditioning.


Peter has been a great help to me and I know he will to you too.

Caleb, 19

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