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Athletic Performance

I work with a variety of athletes of all ages and abilities and I focus on understanding what the sport requires of them in terms of Biomechanics, Bioenergetics and Sports Psychology. In simpler terms, it is to understand how one must move (multidirectional, change of direction, linear), for how long (duration of play, short bursts, or long duration or all), and the “arousal level” when competing. In addition, he believes progressive overloading is the KEY to progressing to the next level. Athletes are unique species who need special attention.


For high performance, optimal nutritional biomarkers are equally as important. I will work together with you to create a comprehensive plan to achieve and maintain peak performance.


Communication plays a vital role in sports performance thus the mental health aspects can be addressed as well. This plays a huge part in the success of an athlete’s career.

Working together from resistance training to field work (speed, agility, change of direction) to communication and appropriate nutrition will help the athlete maximize his/her own talent.

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