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I have known Peter for the last several years. This is what I know; he is absolutely committed to the health and well-being of his clients. He is perceptive about the mind and body of the person he works with, and takes the time to create an individual program designed for the unique needs of an individual. I have been so impressed with his own growth and development in his professional life.

His research and reading, higher level of certification and knowledge is outstanding. He has an amazing grasp of the human body and it’s potential for healing and rehabilitation.


On top of this, on a personal note…he is just a delight; warm, sensitive, compassionate, and intelligent. He is a true pleasure to communicate with and I believe all of this makes him a rare find in the “Trainer World.” I have real admiration for the heart and soul he has brought to his work. I cannot imagine anyone not benefiting from Peter’s kind attention to every detail.

Candice Slobin, LCSW

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