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When you tell Peter what you want to accomplish, he paves a road for you. 

I came to Peter with several years of very rudimentary weight training experience: I had been working out in the gym consistently since I was in college, but had plateaued time and time again due to   inconsistency, lack of guidance, or injury.

Peter quickly identified the root causes of my fitness hurdles and set me on a path towards mitigating them. To me, the most profound and important lesson Peter has taught me is that when it comes to working out, mindless routines, no matter how consistently they are performed, will not engender a holistic sense of fitness. Up until the point of this realization I had been asleep at the wheel throughout the entirety of my fitness journey.


Peter emphasizes the importance of having well-defined goals, consistent time to dedicate to exercise (and rest!), and  perhaps most imperatively, a deep understanding of your body and its needs and limitations.


When I first started working with Peter, I always had the impression that he understood my body and mind better than I did. Over time he has helped me to develop an acute awareness of what I am experiencing physically and mentally during a workout, and in doing so has not only prevented me from injuring myself, but has also taught me to identify my upper limits - and this is where much of the magic happens during our sessions.


Invariably there is at least one (though often several) activity that we do during a training session that seems utterly impossible to me. Usually this is some exercise that I would never want to attempt on my own, mostly because I don’t think I can push myself hard enough to overcome the challenge. But Peter always seems to know how much more you have to give, even when you do not necessarily know yourself. He will never ask you to do something that is beyond your ability to accomplish safely. And in learning to trust his assessment, I have also learned to trust myself in a sense: now when I feel the unbearable feeling of “oh my god this workout is going to kill me”, another voice comes in and says “No, it actually won’t kill you to try and see how hard you can push yourself in this moment.” And this is one of my favorite personal developments that has come as a result from working with Peter.


A lot of trainers seem to provide external motivation in order for you to push yourself harder, and I think this is ultimately necessary (after all, most of the time that’s why we go to trainers in the first place!). But Peter will show you how to provide that same motivation for yourself, by always insisting that you be sure of what you want to get out of training, and by instilling faith in you that you will be able to accomplish those goals. The physical and mental changes that have occurred in me since working with Peter are profound, and now (unbelievably) I always look forward to getting my *** kicked every week.Thank You Peter.


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